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Current Scoring System needs REPAIR


This is my day today: I played 25 battles today, 15 of them were with AI. The other 10 battles, I won 8 out of 10.

But at the end of the day…my trophies remain the same… I lost 100 trophies in the only 2 games I lost…with player ranking 20 behind me… Since battles were thin closing to the end of the season…we battled each other for 6 rounds and I made 4 wins…Each victory booked in 10-20 trophies, while the 2 losses took 100 from me…The total from that 6 battles cost me 45 trophies…YES, minus 45 trophies with a net win of 4, with the same person!!!

Then I needed to fight another 4 to make my come back… That made my day milking a bull…

What I want to say is the risk to fight during the last week of a season is too high. Once the RNG pulls me to the hell…there is no chance to go back to the top

I think the max trophies gained from each game should be counted as Min[20 +/- roundup(ranking difference divided by 2,0), 50]. while the min trophies should have a floor of 5. By narrowing down this fat tail effect and deviation, it should repair the weakness of current scoring system.

On the other hand…fighting with AI, should be rewarded 1 trophy per win…that can encourage people to fight and not to stay on sidelines. This can improve LIQUIDITY in battle match up!

Finally I want to ask the developers: If there is one battle in front of you…you win you get 1…and if you are not lucky, you lose 60…will you fight??? The expected value of this game, I think, is negative for the leading player( I feel the chance losing to lower ranking teams is around 20%) => +1X80% + (-60X20%) = -4 ==> In a poor liquidity market, the more you play, the more you lose!!!

Time to make it up for fairer gaming, Ludia!

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It does need adjusting - I won 3 on the go with a gain each time of around 14 trophies and then lost 1 due to the “waiting for opponent” glitch and lost 39 :frowning:


I’ve been saying this for weeks. The trophy system is garbage. I don’t know how many battles only gave me 5 or less trophies last night but every loss drops me 10-20 ranks. It’s ridiculous. The range should definitely be 5-20 trophies min/max. This 1-59 garbage needs to go.