Current state in meta isn’t fun

Meh, just the same old experience that doesn’t bring me back to the game like it used to. Change is something that was expected but after surviving a 6 immune meta, 1.7 RNG madness, and continuing to push on with the 2.0 era, this game hasn’t done something to make me appreciate what it is. I mean stuff like the immune meta could’ve been overlooked better if the access wasn’t too much, even though time has changed 1.8 is the probably the only time I actually feel like I want to play it.No immunes/partial immunes/resistances to hold me back from having a good time, no Indo pair, no Mammolania, and no glitches to find too quickly to keep me from playing a fun “fair” experience. Even with boosts 1.8 still was better at doing it. Overall I don’t expect anything else for any patches after as the previous ship for my fun experience has sank.