Current state of arena lol


I was up to 4800 trophies while spoofers were gone…now im down to like 4500 thanks to ya knkw all of them laughing at a 24hr ban and now trolling everyone. Its fun being top 500 and losing rank to people not even in the top 500 “technically”
Look at all the spoofers in this pic from my last few games :joy:

All the people without stars are spoofers eho got 24 hr banned and now laughing at people who didnt cheat :man_shrugging: they dont care if they win or lose anymore so just enjoying making everybody else drop


I think ill stop arena till the reset. It was hard enough to fight my way up to 3800. Spoofers will kick the deswrving players out of their rewards again. Sad, even if its a minor reward this is just ridicilus


I thought the stars meant it was a player in the top 500 and if no star they are ranked lower than that.


Like i wouldnt care if i lost trophys to other people in top 500…but im technically losing over and over again to people who arent even apart of it :joy: whats ludias logic in allowing spoofers to bully everyone even worse


I don’t feel I can stop. With potential incubator changes coming Tuesday may suddenly be impossible or harder to get Gallimus or Stygimoloch. So making hybrids could be much harder.


Oh im still grinding those…its just disheartening to go from top 100 to almost out of top 500 losing to spoofers over and over…i see their name and check after every game and yeppppp you had a 24hr ban you had a 24 hr ban YOU all had a 24 hr ban :joy:


Is spoofing now legalized?


You can play with dinosaurs you got from spoofing. You can’t spoof after August 23. Don’t recall that being in the TOS when I purchased stuff. You can pvp and beat players with your cheated dino’s or delevel and grief lower levels. But the top 500 is only for non spoofers and spoofers who were not caught.

It’s so 2018.


LUDIA were talking about ban wave, not ban for 24h! PoGo just banned peoples definitely! Even they spend money, so what is Ludia doing?


Lost 100 trophies this morning. Lost every battle. All out of incubators but DEFINITELY done for today. :angry:


Pogo made an example of a very small amount of spoofers. The majority of spoofers are still completely unaffected. Same spoofers where I live from the day of launch.

Early stages still in this ban wave. Baring in mind Ludia have been doing this a few months and more attempts have been taken in that time than niantic have done in years, I think we all just need to wait and see how this progresses in the near future.

Would advise against spending any money in the game though because if it stays how it is currently you’ll have wasted your cash.