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Current state of the game


Ludia, it’s clear you are making resources harder to get with each update and increasing difficulty in an effort to push in game micro purchases. That’s fine, that’s what every mobile game is about these days. However, I’ve enjoyed this game because it wasn’t dependent on those purchases. Now, it’s clear you are pushing people towards them while pushing the free to pay players and strictly VIP players away. Your development team has imposed the following in the last few months:

  1. Severe trade harbor nerf. I woke up today and 7/7 trades wanted my dinobucks/loyalty points/Dinosaur cards. Also, the ratios have gone way down. 20 million coins used to get 3 or 4 thousand DNA: now that same trade is just as rare and only gives about one thousand. The custom trades are still not what they could be due to extremely low cap on booster cards you can trade.
  2. New wheel prizes. Before last update Cenozoic pack in the underwater matches was like ~9%. I would get 1, sometimes 2 a day. I have yet to get one since the update. Also, if you’re going to post rates with the new “x-ray” wheel post them accurately! It’s extremely misleading to see 3% chance of food when in reality food must be at the very least 15%. Either post the actual rates or don’t post them.
  3. The “golden rewards” packs are a direct nerf to legendary packs. Nobody is asking for meat/coins. Legendary packs where so useful to help resupply DNA and DinoBucks.
  4. Difficulty spike. The events are punishing players for having strong dinosaurs. Some event matches pit you up against a team of dinos where all 3 have better HP/ATK then all of your best dinosaurs. To make matters worse, top dinosaurs have 2 day cool down time.

Ludia, you claim to listen to your players. Here’s your chance. Stop nerfing resource gathering with every “update”. Give us fun unique battles or other game modes that actually have worthwhile rewards. Don’t add another INCREDIBLE HOLOGRAM FOR GATHERING COINS or Indoraptor where you have to play 6 months straight to get. Throw your faithful players a bone. Bring back good rewards and opportunities to get great dinosaurs and stop the gatcha old prize wheel nonsense.
Thank you for your time and I hope you make some positive changes in the future or I fear extinction is closer than you think for the game.