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Current tournament in progress totally stuffed up big time!

The tournament that is underway as we speak is completely stuffed big time.!.

Why you ask simple when selecting your dinosaurs to face an opponent you select one but the GAMES A.I. / GAME BOT takes over and chooses another dinosaur instead.!.

To make matters even worse the GAMES A.I. / GAME BOT again takes over when you choose your next move / attack against an opponent too and it always 92.5% of the time chooses the weakest move / attack to use against your opponent.

I know we lose battles when playing in tournaments but losing every last battle entered because the GAMES A.I. / GAME BOT decides that it is going to make ever last one of your moves and select dinosaurs for you against an opponent is beyond a joke it is totally insane to say the very least.

Something needs to be done about this latest glitch in the game and fast before the current tournament expires in a few days from now.

And before anyone says * reboot your device / phone you play the game on i already have several times but this keeps on happening making it a total waste of my time even entering this tournament period.!.

Not to mention this will severely effect the tournament standings of players who are stuck in the same boat as me where the GAMES A.I. / GAME BOT takes over the game and battles in our place instead.

If this glitch is allowed to continue then players / alliance members losing games due to the GAMES A.I. / GAME BOT taking over will start to become common place and mount up so that instead of having a win loss ratio that is reasonably even we will have a totally lop sided ratio where the loss ratio will outstrip the win ratio over time giving us a loss ratio of anywhere around 60% and upwards possibly climbing as high as 80 to 90% in the end .!.