Current tournament



I was wondering if it was to late to join the current tournament?

P.S. I’m a complete NOOB to any forums here because of all the trash talk on forums I have tried to use. I would try to get real help and got nothing but insults and no results to my original problem.


The tournament is simply the pvp battle. So you are already in the Tournament. Its got 10 days to go. You probably need over level 20 dino’s to get above 4000 trophies which is the lowest prize. If you are new and a lot lower than lvl 20 the tournament maybe more in your way.


The PvP is the Battle option with the 4 incubators correct? And I am only Lvl 9. My hugest lvl Dino is 15 I believe. So maybe I got some work to do then lol.