Current update


I tried starting the game and it hangs at the loading screen. The loading bar sits at 1/22 and does nothing. After 10 minutes I exited out. Anything i can do from my end?



I’ve been either having this issue, or it loads to full bar then freezes. I think it’s just for the weekend though. It wasn’t doing this until the new Gold event thing started and I think it’s because so many people are trying to play at the same time. You might try right now, since it’s later at night it might let you on.


Tried 12, 2 and 3 am. Same thing no change.



Have you connected to Facebook? If yes try uninstall and reinstall that worked for me


Happened to me lots of times.I just go to playstore,find JWAlive page,and i presh the open button from there.


I dont know what yall did. But it’s fixed!