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Current Verizon outage


Anyone else also suffering from the current verizon outage… ive gone out twice so far hoping to get the tower done to no luck.

Some of the maps ive seen show it seems to be affecting a decent chunk of pa/oh area…

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Completely ruined my passenger hunting today…


I just wanna be able to get the epic tower done… pretty much given up at max my attempts


Why yes. Yes it did.


I have Verizon and had no problems at all


Well its not all of verizon… its mostly effecting pa… but ive seen reports from states that boarder pa… like oh, wv, virginia


I went through this a while ago for a strike. I had to find a restaurant with free WiFi to get it


Finally got a page to load on cell service… phones at 5% strike towers like a 2 minute wall away so i just gotta wait for a quock charge lol


remind me to never carpool with you.


No problems with Verizon here in KY as far as I’m aware.


Mine finally came back… towers and dailys done…0

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Glad it came back and you got everything done. :slight_smile:


There was a Verizon outage? What was the issue? I have Verizon, but didn’t suffer from this obviously. I’m interested to hear what the problem was.


I have no idea what was the cause… downdetector has a pretty lengthy thread of people complaining… seems to be working for most affected by now… seemed to be centered around pa an areas of other states that border pa.


Is there no article about it online? Sounds like something that would get some press.


Not that ive been able to find…

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Really sucked for my kids using my phone as a hotspot!