Currently, Best Damage Over Time Dino?

As I see more and more dinos with DOT, I’m believing I need one on my team. Where should I invest my resources?

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great question! I have been battling this myself and decided to go with speed and work on Spinotasuchus. For lower levels to keep with speed I’m assuming you would level Spinotahraptor until you can start to fuse the above dino. I also see the value in Suchotator as it’s move set is really intriguing with bleed and nullify.

would love to hear how others think.


I love spinotasuchus. I did use spinotahraptor when i was lower, before dots were cool.

Im not super familiar with the other bleeders, but spinotasuchus is def worth the investment imo. Been a staple on my team since late 1.2.


I’m new to the DOTs and still learning to use them right, but one great thing about Spinotasuchus is with swoop you can get out of a bad matchup against someone with cleanse or SS, which is nice.

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Also great that it does not trigger counter attacks.


Right now I’m using Suchotator. I’m working towards Spinotahsuchus right now, Kaprosuchus is hard to come by for me. Spinotahraptor, in my opinion, is to frail especially in the current area I’m in with Raptors running everywhere.

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if you want more utility go for suchotator
if you want a better focus on dot go for spinutahsuchus

Use suchotator until spinotahsuchus is an option

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I love Suchotator. The nuliify and SS moves make it very versatile. I, too, have trouble finding Kapro and have been investing it in Gorgosuchus when I do get it so I don’t even have it at a 15 to start fusing for Spinotasuchus.

I’d say Spinotasuchus. I just leveled her to 23 lvl and need to decide who to replace. No longer can I ignore her.

@User1 @wrothgar Exactly she’s beast! Just know where to use her moves wisely… rrraaawwwww!!!

I don’t keep track or anything numbers-wise, but I’ve yet to go up against spinotasuchus and feel like I want to put any coins toward it. Maybe higher levels will be better. I’ve got a lvl 21 suchotator and will be evolving to 22 tonight!

It would be great to have a guide on how to use some of the specialized dinos the Spinotasuchus. Also trying to figure out where she fits and who she would replace, only at Lvl18 now, but growing fast.

spinotosuchus is great but needs to be beefed up to level 23 + imo.

Just recently made spino and leveled her up to 20. Haven’t experimented much yet, but with the meta potentially changing though she’d be good to try out. I like her speed and crit. Personally at the moment I feel suchotator unless severely overleveled is not great past the marshes. Hardly ever see them in the ruins except one person recently had a level 25.

Spinotasuchus without a doubt

I have a sucotator lev 20. I live in zone 4 so it is pretty easy to level up for me. I think she is more versatile than Spinotasuco, but I haven’t unlock this dino yet so I can’t make a real confrontation. Spinotasuco will be the next dino I’ll create, after indoraptor hopefully this week end.