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Currently I should go for tryoxtronyx or magna?

I have enough baryonyx DNA to continue improving tryo and I still don’t have magna, but I’m already leveling pyrritator and I have dimetrodon DNA in hiatus to tell me which one to focus on … opinions?

Depends on your play style, really. For example, I’m currently focused on finishing my dinodex, so when I make a creature, I move onto the next one. (I also play unboosted, so that changes things a bit for me)

Magna is faster than Tryo by 4 points, and has 100 attack more, but its health is 450 less.

Magna can null and distract, while Tryo buffs itself like crazy.

So…if you wanna complete your dex, go for Magna. When it comes to battling; if you have the boosts to buff Magna’s health, and prefer a more versatile kit, go for Magna.

If you want to throw some boosts onto Tryo, some speed should bring it up to par. It also depends if you like playing a real heavy hitter.

But, as it stands, unboosted, Tryo is High-Apex and Magna is Low-Tyrant, so they’re not really too far apart in terms of tier rating.

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They’re both really solid creatures. Tryo does really well with creatures like tryko and grypo and it does decently well against mammolania. But mags is fast and distracts as well as does tons of damage

Mag is fast, hits hard, and can beat almost anything not immune, but doesn’t have a lot of life.

Tryos is a fast immune chomper, buffing itself left and right, but his base damage is pretty bad for a chomper. Tryos also can stack for the nastiest multiplier in the game, with a 5x damage if you stack his buffs right

Ah! I also forgot to mention coins! The price of leveling will increase exponentially for both routes. For example:

Bringing two creatures from lvl 15 to lvl 20 will cost each 123k each (Just in evolution cost, for sake of fusing a unique).

Leveling a dino past 20…lets say to just 24, will set you back 300k (not including fusion cost)

Don’'t know if coins/cash are a factor for you, but its definitely why I create and move on. Once I’ve gotten everything created I will move to team leveling.

I don’t have anything to say that hasn’t already been said, other than wait for the update.

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Magna can slow?

no magna doesnt have slowing, it has distraction/nullify and defence shattering ramage both magna and tryo are immune to slowing,stuns,bleed and distraction ! they are both good dinos! i have magna 30 and tryo 24 pound for pound magna will rek more dinos than tryo but dna is harder to get i think the extra work to aqquire it is worth it so good luck which ever you choose

Yeah i know, but he said it could slow and I thought I had missed an update

You have a level 30 magna, how many boosts you think it should have on health and speed?

LOL, I was coming here to say exactly THAT!!! Everybody has been complaining about the immune meta, and everybody is complaining that bleeders are useless because of that. So, yep, I would definitively wait for the update, just in case Ludia would (not likely) listen to their player base…


I run tyro in mid library, moderately boosted. It works well against the twin towers and tryko, which is quite common there. Most of the time can take them out in 2 hits, unless their health is boosted sky high. Magna has to be high level and attack has to be well boosted to do so imo. I always bring tyro out as first dino and pray I bump into the 3 dinos mentioned above haha. Doesn’t do so well against the others, like erli and indo g2, unless you hit thru their cloak/evasive.

I run a L30 max boosted Tryo and Magna; Tryo is 100% on my team post boost reset (subject to any buffs/nerfs); Magna is 50/50 and would be boosted very differently. My alt also runs a L27 boosted Tryo (it’s not creating uniques) - one of the best creatures in the game IMHO but is a little more situational than Magna and you need to know how to use it.

All I can say, Tryo serves me well in Library

He’s best against counter attackers and slow tanks, worst against dodgers, especially ones able to speedup like Indo G2 or Orion


Love how it looks on the beach …

I’ve had the perfect combo FS+RTC+DSR+Crit on a couple of occasions - the damage is truly eye watering 10K+.


magna, slow??

Unboosted Daryx on shores? :rofl::rofl:

Yep - very situational, and that wasn’t the situation :laughing:

That said, I’m running an L29 unboosted Monostego; everything else is L30 and boosted.

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My lvl 26 Daryx Unboosted on 5600 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

Love risks

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Apologies everyone, Magna doesn’t slow. I was looking through a lot of dinos yesterday and a couple got jumbled in my head when I was writing. We all make mistakes