Currently lost all my game data :O A New Saga

Yes my data has been lost for some reason, but i really care not. I know some people get really upset if they lose a lot of game data and I was first upset but I’ve decided “Eh, I could just start over”.
I’m not saying “jUsT GeT OVeR It ANd sToP crYIng”, I’m just not really upset and so just decided to start over, but upset my precious dip n dots (Diplotator) was lost. Maybe when my game resets i could finally collects s dna from code 19 even after 20 levels after 25.

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Do you have your support key from your old game? If yes, you can get all your stuff back by sending an email to with your support key from your last account, and this account! I’m sure they’d be happy to help.


In early stages it’s just fine to quit or start over. Years of playing and invested time or money, or both, does not suit with this approach I’m afraid. :v:t2:


hmm, I have my support key in some drafts of emails but I’ll go over the idea first

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Yeah, it’s your choice. If you do decide to have your account back, send a gmail with both the new account and old account support keys.