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Currently Raids suck

Currently Raids are very underwhelming for me. That is, when I manage to get into one. I’ll just list my issues with it.

  1. Constantly get Raid lobby is full when I get invited.
  2. When I get the first invite after logging in I then get the option to select my Google account and when I do it just takes me back to the game and not into the Raid lobby.
  3. After getting invited and finally getting into a lobby there is no option to communicate any plans, all you can see is what creature others have picked.
  4. Communication is forced out of the game on to something like Discord for a co-ordinated plan, and therefore playing with randomly added friends is going to be painful with no ability to communicate on-the-go.
  5. After getting into a Raid lobby finally I spend ages and ages and ages waiting for the lobby to fill, and every. single. time. it does not and the lobby leader starts the battle with only 2 of us, we’re doomed to fail before we start.
  6. The fact that the lobby never fills when I finally get into it convinces me that the “lobby is full” message I get 9 out of 10 times is a bug, and lets face it we knew there’d be new bugs.

I know it’s only the first day since 2.0, but I’m extremely underwhelmed by Raids.


I just 100% fundamentally can’t even be invited to a Raid. With friends in alliance, alliance members that aren’t friends, friends outside Alliance… they send me invites and NOTHING appears. i’ve reinstalled the game twice and constantly reboot the game to see if its a refresh thing. What a shame.

p.s. if im doing something utterly stupid and not seeing the invites pls let me know!


The whole creation thing is just a pain in the backside.

After some patience within my alliance we finally have got them going and they are really fun.

Hope it’s fixed soon


And you should be, regardless if it’s only the first day of 2.0. Raids are riddled with bugs, on top of the usual bugs the game has. Ludia should have tested the new main feature extensively before releasing it, this is just unacceptable. From what I know iOS users can’t even invite others to raids…

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I’ve been invited to join a raid more than 10 times today, and each time I have hit ‘Accept’ straight away, only to be told the lobby is full or forced to resign into Google Play.

Setting up Raids is equally bug-ridden, for the reasons outlined in the OP.

It’s so typically of Ludia with regard to this game.
Release a new feature riddled with so many bugs that it’s practically unusable, and maybe fix it with a later patch.


No one in my alliance seems to get my invites. I managed to get two people from my friends list to help yesterday, but sounds like I might be the only person to get more than one other person…

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So they changed the whole game look and creature balances for raids and they suck. Another brilliant move Ludia. Thanks

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True. It’s been a pain.

iOS seems to be an issue getting into raids

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Once getting into a Raid fight it’s great, managed to get the Mammo boss down quite a lot, but we only had 3 players.

It’s just the getting it all setup that is the pain.

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I haven’t even been able to do one yet. :+1:t2: Seriously need to test better, before full release.

The hardest part about raids is getting everyone together. The bosses as of now aren’t that difficult. I had 3 people and we killed the sino boss. Also, the rewards ain’t too great as far as I know

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If you’re on ios, a bunch of people have that issue

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Uuugh, I have that problem too, with iOS. Jebuz, it’s frustrating. I can’t seem to get into anything without Google Play gatekeeping me like a guard.