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Curse 15 Apex DNA

Maybe i should complain or maybe it is just my bad luck. For Apex raiding, getting certain amounts is good but getting the lowest amount in each raid (Apex) for a week with same value (15) is sure something that annoying me.

For example raiding Gorgotrebax from day 1 until now, each success raid only give me 15. Well, maybe my luck is not that good. But every week with the same value?? And this week as well, all 4 Apex boss give me 15 each. For some Apex boss, at least give us minimum 20. At least!! I’m talking about Apex which is we have to raid to get the DNA. For other hybrids bosses, give 5 DNA minimum for each successful raid also doesn’t matter since we can fuse it.

Well, complain or not, this is just how i feel after nearly a month getting the lowest point of DNA for each successful raid for APEX.
I hope (just hoping) that Ludia team can create or improve something in this matter.

It is frustrating when you work so hard for so long to defeat an Apex only for when you finally get some DNA, it’s a measly 15 DNA… And you have to get to 300. I guess it’s their way to motivate you to get these powerful dinos, regardless of how little DNA you get. The most I’ve gotten was about 30 DNA as a reward.

I guess it will only work for a select amount of people. I’m so determined to have Lux that I will keep doing it until she’s level 30. And that will be months and months of battling, and that not even counting consecutive weeks. There will be times where nobody in your alliance will be able to fight the Apex, or nobody will have the patience to keep going after continuously being so close yet so far from winning the Raid. And that will just prolong your goal even longer.

So yeah, I see where you’re coming from. After having a particular difficult time defeating Magnus, Mortem or even Gorgo, receiving 15 DNA is almost a slap in the face for the work out into it.

I’m just happy that the minimum isn’t 5 DNA. 10 is a decent floor value. I am wondering about 40 or even 50 DNA as a possible ceiling value. It would make people a little more motivated in fighting such powerful Raids.


Agree, 15 DNA is ridiculous. Im still furious that people are marching around with high 28/29 Mortems because they got “lucky” and got some crazy big numbers of DNA. We all are doing the same coordinating and battling. 15 feels like a slap in the face

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Yes I agree the freaking thing is rigged I got 15 7 times in a row 5 for hadros and 2 for ceramagnus

it’s not rigged. some people like beaver did it before they nerfed the amount of dna. its also random. beaver gets 20’s too, but he used to get 50’s like every time