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Cursed super hybrids

Let’s say Ludia releases completely broken hybrids. What would they be?

ultimasaurus (good luck figuring out the components.)

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I found…:laughing:


Indoraptor Gen 3 (Indoraptor Gen 2 + Indoraptor)


Cautious Strike (x1)
Cleansing Rampage (x2)
Definite Rampage (x2)
Cloak (75%)

{Swap in Definite Cautious Strike}

{Immune to Stuns}
{Immune to Distraction}
{Immune to Rampage}



Imagine a move that distracts the opponent, dodges attacks, ignores dodging, cleanses and speeds the user up. That would be crazy. Good thing that’ll never happen haha



ya that totally didn’t happen


Make something with
Persistent Ferocious strike
Definite rampage
Decelerating impact

Swap-in stunning strike

You have to have Cautious Strike and Swap In Definite Rampage somewhere in there.

Why waste 4 things in 1 move when you are fully immune?

If it was a hybrid that was going to be really cursed, it would need Cautious Strike and Swap In DR.

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Imagine if they change lord lynorax to have cautious strike


oh thanks. now we’ll never beat it

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Why would an Indo get sidestep instead of cloak? Makes no sense

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Technically that would be a super super hybrid.

THE dodo (Dodo + Dodo + Dodo)

Health: 6000
Damage: 1900
Speed: 132
Armor: 60%
Critical: 40%

-Cautious Strike
-Distracting Impact
-Nullifying Rampage
-Definife Rampage

Swap In Stunning Strike
Immunity (Passive)

Cursed? The Rat V. 1.10. :shushing_face:

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Ultra Hybrid

HP: 5200
DMG: 1800
Spd: 112
Armor: 40%
Crit: 40%

Definite Deceleration
Instant Distraction
Definite Rampage
Stunning Rampage

Swap in Headbutt

I know man

Procerathomimus + phorusaura

131 speed
4500 HP
1600 DMG
5 crit
0 armor

Superior distraction evasion (deals 1x damage, reduces target’s damage and speed by 100%, cleanses distraction, gains 100% chance to dodge 100% of damage for 1 turn)
Instant distracting rampage (basically distracting rampage with priority, cooldown 1 and delay 0)
Instant rampage and run (rampage and run with priority cooldown 1 delay 0)
Instant nullifying distracting rampage (a mix of distracting rampage, nullifying rampage and instant rampage cooldown 1 delay 0)


Swap in: swap in stunning evasion (gains 100% chance to stun opponent and gains 100% chance to dodge 100% of damage)
(Designers note: precise and definite moves cannot bypass the evasion)


Apato and Rex for a Legendary: ApatoRexasaurus.

This thing is a big, lumbering mountain… with teeth. It gains a new move “Swap-in Thagomizing Definite Rampage.” It is such a monster that when entering the Arena the tail smashes through cloak, shields, armor, evasive, everything… and slows the opponent. ApatoRexasaurus loses speed and only has two battle moves due to its bulk

Health: 6000

Speed: 100

Armor: 0

Damage: 1900

Critical: 25%


Definite Pinning Strike: 1X Damage

Defense Shattering Rampage: 2X Damage (Cooldown 1)

Immunity: None

SIA: Swap-in Thagomizing Definite Rampage: 2X Damage (Swap prevented 2 turns)

ApatonemysRex is a Unique hybrid with Carbonemeys. It gains armor and inherits Devastation and Dig-in. With all that Carbonemey’s armor, it also inherits immunity to bleed. It is such a beast that once placed in Arena, it can never be swapped out, it is swap prevented - Forever.

Health: 6500

Speed: 100

Armor: 60

Damage: 2000

Critical: 25%


Definite Pinning Impact: 1.5X Damage

Defense Shattering Devastation: 3X Damage (cooldown 1)


Immunity: Immune to damage over time.

SIA: Swap-in Thagomizing Definite Devastation: 3X Damage

If you are a VIP customer there is a 75% chance that there was a little mishap in the Lab while preparing DNA for ApatonemysRex. The guys got sloppy and left a smidgen of Indo Gen 2 DNA in the test tube. Your ApatonemysRex could turn out to actually be any number of versions of ApatonemysIndo2! You are going to lose a little bulk, but gain some strategic advantages.

Yours could evolve with Cautious swap-in Thagomizing Definite Devistation!!!