Anyone else feel like they are cursed when it comes to battles?

I’m not speaking for myself but for my younger son. I just finished watching him battle back to back matches where it almost seems like the game has already determined before the first dinos are even selected, he’s going to lose and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Match 1: he used dinos with evade/dodge that’s supposed to work 75% of the time so odds are in favor of it working 3 out of 4 times. He only got 1 and lost… this is with both indo raptors.

Match 2: used a dino that’s supposed to stun 75% of the time… didn’t stun. Picked a dino that uses evade 75% of the time… didn’t evade. Lost again.

It’s weird because this happens almost all the time when I watch him play… I feel sorry for him. Or maybe I’m bad luck hahaha

We all seem to hit these “random” bad luck streaks, they are unfortunately part of the game. I’ve had days during which I’ve failed on 9+ stuns while being stunned every time… on those same days I often dodge 0% while my opponents dodge 100%, it’s more common than random chance should allow but at least me all seem to go through it… I’m currently 2 for 15 on stuns in the tournament…


Ive said since well over a year ago… rng in this game functions differently then any other game ive really played. Its extremely streaky.

Youll have conspiracy theories Ludia designed this way on purpose to encourage purchases but I honestly cant imagine a company that puts out such a buggy game pulling off something that complex.

Others will say its selective memory and that we only remember the bad streaks… completly ignoring the fact that there are plenty of us who bring of those matches where we crit every single turn as examples of this games rng being streaky.

I tend to look at the most logical explanation in that this game switched engines halfway into development. To get this game out by launch date Ludia literally had Unity devs in office working side by side training their own devs as they went on the engine. That kind of environment… shortcuts are taken, and they pulled their rng code from one of their slot machine games. Those are exactly the kind of games that would benefit from streaky rng ported it over to jwa.

I tend to use this in my choices to use rng in my matches… if im critting every turn… or dodging everything im more likely to use rng based moves. On the flip side if im failing dodges and missing stuns… im way more likely to say go for a basic attack on indo rather then waste a turn using evasive that will most likely fail. Its a strategy that has worked well for me. Not fool proof but it makes the rng streaks way less agrivating.

It is not rigged. It does not always happen. The RNG in this game is statistically normal. In fact, if you “always” get bad RNG, you are probably playing poorly. People often see only the unfavorable RNG and not their own misplays that invited it. Simple example: rely on 66% swap in stun when there is a more optimal play, thus instantly lowering your overall win rate. Or, playing yourself into a situation where you have to rely on the 66% stun.

That’s not entirely true at all… if you dodge 1 out of 4 times. Theres nothing miss playing about that lol. I put all my statistics in a excel spread sheet. And it’s pretty horrendous. Which is why, for myself. I’ll stay away from RNG dependent creatures. But streaks are for certain in this game and there are some people with simply bad luck or good luck. And I can tell you this, along side many other top players that I do not play poorly. Lol

Don’t have to feel too bad abt bad rng. I run rinex and at one pt in time, I thought it has forgotten how to stun haha. Almost every time it uses instant charge, I’m already thinking it won’t work, and more often than not, it turned out tat way. But I do believe in winning & losing streaks, from personal playing experience.

I agree, I got hit through cloak 3 times in a row today in the pachy strike and then 4 times again in the arena.