Cursor wont follow me


So i encountered a problem… Just downloaded the game yesterday. Went out for a walk today and I’m way down the road from my house. However my cursor is still in the back room of my home. I’ve try reloading the game multiple times, even rwinstalled it, but sadly to no avail. This is a possible and serious bug in my opinion. Please fix asap. Hard to catch dino DNA if the game still thinks I’m in my house.


Hey Sarah_Fay, this can happen if you are in an area with a weak GPS signal, it might help if you turned your location off and then back on again. Also, make sure that your location is on the highest accuracy setting. Our FAQ has more troubleshooting for GPS issues, take a look at it here:

If you’re still having a problem, contact our support team, and they might be able to help you. They can be reached at, and including your support key in your email will be helpful.