Custamer service

I reported and issue with money taken out of my account by this game on top of other issues and its takes days before i get a response and its been two weeks since i reported the money taken from my account i even gave them the info of the money and still havent gotten my money bk nor what they took the money for and i keep asking about it and they keep avoiding it and do nothing i sent a msg to them 3 days ago and again this morning and still no response this is the custamer service i have ever delt with and with the issues ppl have to deal with in this game i think we all deserve something for our patienta and dealing with the issues this game has but no response on that either so i am posting this to let ppl know that they stole money out of my bank account and refuse to do anything about it and i have asked sevral times about it and still nothing

I play on a pay and go phone so thankfully I never have this problem but I agree the customer care is shocking they never seem to answer me when I’ve used the in game support. Well they did once and answered quickly but that was the one and only time

I’m sorry to hear that our support team wasn’t able to get back to you sooner @Robinson1984. Our support team has a process for investigations, and it could take some time. Sadly, I don’t have access to their information, but I’m sure they will try to get back to you as soon as they can.

I doubt they will do anything about the issues but it seems u guys r fast to save face when it goes public the custamer service is crap weather it takes time or not they should be letting ppl know an update or that they are still working on it ya know not just not reapond

New update they keep giving me the run around about the money they just took out of my account and now it is gonna end up going leagal cuz they cant seem to understand that n
Just takeing money out of an account with out me acccualy purchausing something is theft and they wont even give me a number to talk to a real person to resolve this issue i have to way days on end for the same old excuse so just be warned they dont care about the consumer just how much money they can make

How much was it! Im guessing you got VIP and they charged you the next month. What country are you from BTW, just wondering because of the english… Ive never had them “take money” and never heard anyone else have the problem, seems like its at least possible you made a mistake not them

I play through a pay & go phone and don’t have my card saved on my Google play account so if I don’t put the money in they ain’t taking jack

Yeah I’m gonna guess you signed up for VIP and didn’t realize it was a subscription and not just a one time payment. If you don’t want to continue it, you have to cancel it or it will keep coming out every month.

To be honest customer care in this game is atrocious they are quite good at avoiding responsibility and will take a while to reply unless you are praising them and then they reply straight away.

I know this because I’ve complained and it took two weeks to respond and also thanked them about something and it took them less than a day to reply…

So unless you are thanking them or saying something good then expect to keep waiting.

No they charged me for a chest and wont give me the money bk nor the chest cash

No i have vip and knew i signed up it was for a cheat of cash and they wont give me the money bk nor the chest of cash when i didnt purchase it

I cant speak to your experience but they have always responded to me reasonably and reasonably fast.

And explain this since some think i made a mistake i was at work at the time of this so called purchase with no access to my game but got charged for something i didnt recive so im seeing theft not a mistake on my end sorry should have put that in the first post and fyi have been told alot by them they have glitches in the game and system they are trying to work out so thats how ik its not a mistake there system messed up and they refuse to maks it right after 15 times asking for them to do so amd asking for a number to get the issue resolved yet hey avoid the issue and are now sending my post in for review

I doubt they will respond after i went off on them for there lame ass excuses

My apologies, I’ve seen a few people who did the VIP and didn’t expect it to reoccur so I assumed that was the issue. Yeah keep on them. I had an epic scent I purchased for 1000 in game dollars that didn’t work and no dinos showed up, it took a few weeks but they did eventually reimburse my in game cash. Try being patient another week at the most, then make heads roll. They do have an investigation process they have to follow and it can take time considering limited man power, etc.

They may just come back with sorry make sure it doesn’t happen again case closed nothing we can do.
That’s what they did with me when something almost the same happened with me and will stop responding… They seriously suck at accepting responsibility.

Can u kindly give me a custamer service phone number to get this crap resolved cuz im getting tired of this run around crap i dont think they understand the fact they took money out of my bank account when i didnt give permsiion in any way no matter what they say is theft so can i get a number for them

I love the ppl that work for this place they try and save face them start blocling my comments when i just want a phone number so custamer service can u kindly provide that to me so i can call ans resolve a few issues i have with the game

I’m sorry if have not been able to get your issue resolved yet, but sadly we do not have a phone number for our support team, and they can only be reached through email. However, our team would be happy to try and assist you again if you could reach out to them once more. Also, sometimes a post might go through an approval process automatically before they are shown on the forum, but our mods are not intentionally doing this.

I have tried to reach out to them and they refuse to fix the issues i have reported over a month ago.