Custom battles idea!

What if there was a custom battle mode… you could select it in battles.

Then you could choose any dino (or dinos) to fight! (Max up to 3 dinos).

When thats Done you could set the levels for the dinos to fit your team or to make it a hard challange.

After that you could fight the custom opponents you chose. If you win you wont get enything, and when you loose you wont gain enything… It would be like training grounds. What do you think of this idea?


That could be the end of the game

What do you mean?

Do you mean ”In the end of the game” or ”the end of the game”?

I mean THE END OF THE GAME, doing custom battles could feel like hacking

Oh, okay! Sorry!:grinning:

Im not following you here, how would it be like hacking? He means setting up a practice game that you neither gain nor lose anything for playing. It wouldn’t have any actual impact on the game

Well, it feels like hacking, and also that’s the purpose of the friendly battles

Why do you think that there is a section that says “friends”

Yes, I am aware of the mysterious friend battles of which you speak however he was talking specifically about setting up a customized to his whims practice game… Its not hacking. Maybe hes antisocial, maybe friend battles dont challenge him enough or maybe nobody he knows is online. Truthfully, I think the idea unnecessary but not a “bad idea” and certainly not hacking

Thats what i thought…

I have friends to play with… but im too good for them…

Oh, and i dont mean in a bragish way