Custom, Class, Rarity and Special Arena Teams

Most players plateau and hit a glass ceiling, usually in Avairy. They get stuck with a narrow well boosted team and just can’t seem to advance. It gets boring, playing the same creatures against other teams with the same creatures. This is a suggestion to broaden the game so players can have other teams and play other and newer creatures without messing with their ‘A’ teams.

Introducing Class, Rarity and Special Teams.

These 4 team types will have it so we can play many different teams with many different make-ups.

  • All teams play in the same arena.
  • You much have 8 creatures to play any team.
  • Each team will have its own trophy score for matching.
  • Teams will have their own special rewards for winning.
  • It will tell you what type of team your playing against when you start battle.
  • Each team type will have their own incubator slots to fill.

CUSTOM TEAM: This is our ‘A’ teams we have now, the team that counts toward our monthly trophy rewards. No other description needed.

CLASS TEAMS: These are teams made up of specific classes of creatures. There are 7 classes:

  1. Fierce
  2. Resilient
  3. Cunning
  4. Cunning Fierce
  5. Cunning Resilient
  6. Fierce Resilient
  7. Wildcard



The class teams reset every month. The goal is to defeat all classes of teams. The reward for winning against other classes are boosts. The boosts won are based on the class your playing. Fierce class teams win attack boosts. Resilient teams win health boosts. Cunning teams win speed boosts. Creatures made of two different classes win a combination of these boosts. Wildcard teams will win all 3 types of boosts. Defeating all class teams within a month with one team gets you 100 boosts. It will be hard and long but the potential of 700 boosts in a month is here. Only those who love PvP will go for it as running into other class teams is one thing and then beating them is another.

These are team examples:
Having creatures to play every team will have players playing 56 different creatures.

These teams are made up of only Commons, Rares, Epics, Legendary’s, Unique’s and Apex creatures.
Rewards for winning with common, rare and epic teams will be EXCLUSIVE DNA… 2000 common, 500 rare and 200 epic. Also the end reward will be coins. Legendary teams win legendary and Unique DNA. Unique teams win Unique and Apex DNA. Apex teams win more Apex DNA.

Here are examples of rarity teams:
For players having teams of every rarity will have players playing 48 different creatures.


Special teams would be more of a themed type teams made up of specific types of creatures. Rewards for winning would be DNA of or DNA ingredients for those creatures.
So say you have an all flock special team, you would get incubators containing flocks or ingredients for the flock hybrids.

Here are some examples of special teams:
How ever many different teams they can come up with will have player playing numerous different creatures.

The point of this would be to give players a break from playing the same creatures over and over on their A-teams or custom teams. It gives players a way to play the newer creatures as they level them up to be on their A-teams. It’s another way to get boosts and specific DNA for hybrids. It give teams to play where players don’t have to care about trophy scores even though each of these teams will have its own trophy score for matching. It adds more goals to strive for. This will increase the usage of other creatures that are not being used often. It will increase the variety of teams and team creatures in the arena.


i reall like the idea, but ludia probablly won’t do it. maybe it could be like an extra tab like a constant tourney. But for the theme, I think ludia should pick 3-10 per month and not just allow players to choose any theme.

I hope they see this and maybe note it for another update.

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