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Custom Commons Tournament

Which common do you think will win?

  • Albertonectes
  • Alvarezsaurus
  • Bananogmius
  • Cotylorhynchus
  • Diplomoceros
  • Dromaeosaurus
  • Ichthyosaurs
  • Libonectes
  • Moanasaurus
  • Paleoloxodon
  • Prognathodon
  • Ptychodus
  • Saurophaganax
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 3
  • Utahraptor Gen 2

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Each creature will be put into a bracket tournament and fight off in a 1v1 battle. The winner of the battle moves on to the next round.

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The tournament will start in a few days, so make sure to get your votes in before it starts! Also here’s the nasutoceratops vote since I can’t edit the poll

  • Nasutoceratops G2

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I think you forgot to add the nasutoceratops gen 2 into the voting pool

Fixed it (kind of)

Is it ok if I make my own commons here? idk how to make a topic 🤷

This topic is strictly for my creatures, since I can’t use other people’s creatures for a tournament hosted by me. To make a topic, go to the home menu, click/press on the JW Alive section, then click/press Create Topic.

These will be the battles for the round 1, round 1 will start tomorrow. Each battle was randomized to make sure the tournament is as fair as possible.

Utahraptor Gen 2 VS Libonectes

Nasutoceratops Gen 2 VS Albertonectes

Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 3 VS Alvarezsaurus

Bananogmius VS Ptychodus

Paleoloxodon VS Prognathodon

Dromaeosaurus VS Ichthyosaurus

Moanasaurus VS Diplomoceros

Cotylorhynchus VS Saurophaganax

Sorry for the delay, here are the results:

Libonectes VS Albertonectes
Alvarezsaurus VS Ptychodus
Paleoloxodon VS Dromaeosaurus
Diplomoceros VS Saurophaganax