Custom Creature Battle Royale, i guess

You read the title right. I got the idea from @jumpjoob have a few creatures i have, BUT there are rules.

  1. No 75%+ resistances to DOT and Rend.
  2. If your creature can put my microraptor to low health OR kill it, it’s too OP.
  3. 2 Entries per person, but your creatures are not on a team.
  4. Be prepared to have your creature teamed with other random creatures by other people.
    There are 16 entry slots, 4 are available.

Quetzal Maximus ( mine) - !image|690x1390
ScutoTavis ( @Overkill_999) - |

Edaphorex ( @Lukey) - |
Irridromeus ( @A_Dog) - /image
Tracheloconlis ( @HolyPoly1026) - !image|690x1374
Smilotyrannus ( @HolyPoly1026) - |
Parasarchus ( @Randomjwauser) - |image
Majundominus ( @ScorpiosrexG3) - /image
Acutis Armis ( @Typhoon_Zach) - !image|690x1475
Argentolasmus ( @Typhoon_Zach) - |image
Microtitan ( Mine) - |
Pyrrinora ( @Randomjwauser) - /image
??? -
??? - |
??? - |
??? - /

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Oh and the blank team areas are the starting creatures.

What about rend resistance? No creature has full rend resistance and if one does, that will be op.

Okay sure,i didn’t think about that.

I present scutotavis

Could you by any chance provide the bottom part or no?

Made this a while ago


Here are my 2 submissions. I know Smilotyrannus is immune to DoT, but the creature is balanced out with bad health and it’s literally meant to counter wound creatures, plus there are many creatures in the game that resist DoT and cleanse Dot. If it still isn’t allowed, it will replace it with something else.

i know u said my name i watching this @Rem

@Lukey is Revenge Distracting Impact custom?

No, why?

This text will be blurred

Erlikospyx has Revenge Distracting Impact

I think @jumpjoob’s concept competition topics said no full DOT resistances because he likes spinosauridae (obviously) and all of the spinosauridae in the game bleeds

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here i post scary

download (9)

That’s why to op lol

Here are my 2

Unfortunately, i’m only entering Parasarchus because the others have a full dot resistance. Smilotyrannus is an exception because it’s meant to be a wound counter.

OH and sorry i haven’t posted in a while, i got suspended for a week for an all caps post