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Custom Creature Requests and Sharing

Post anything related to the jwa toolbox creature maker, as well as giving me requests on creatures to make!

Rules on creature requests:

  • Nothing overpowered or underpowered

  • If requesting a real creature, only prehistoric ones will be made

  • Less of a rule and more of a personal preference, but maybe tone it down on the Indominus Rex and Indoraptor requests, as I’ve gotten loads of those and it gets pretty boring working with the same 4 creatures almost every request.

  • No creatures from different franchises, I might be unfamiliar with them and they may require drastically different movesets.

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 10.55.34 AM
my creature

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Here are all of the creature requests from my previous topic


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Dire wolf

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@anon61655366 @Gojira20


Wow! It’s awesome! Thanks bro!

Request as many as you’d like.

Cool. I may do that

I am new to did i also did rexy and other

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Change Cleansing Impact to Cleansing Strike, remove the distract resistance, and lower attack to 1400, and it’s good.

I love it!!!

Ten char

My version of compsicalus gen 2 and yours are really similar

Yours has really broken attack. It has more damage than T-Rex.

I’m still new to jwa toolbox so at first I played around with it. I’ll change it

The other version

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