Custom Creature Suggestion Competition

By redo it, I mean that they have to fight both creatures again until they win or lose both. Also when I did it Chroma lost both.

Chroma should win by using Alert Shattering Impact, then Wound Heal, then Cleansing Shattering Rampage, no matter what Titanorhino uses.


I like your new pfps @RaptorJay06 and @HolyPoly1026


There will be another chance for it to rejoin.

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The voting is over! There were 10 votes.
Luminonyx got 1 votes, which means Chromaspinus is eliminated with 9 votes.

There was a riddle for the next challenge, which the answer was that there is no challenge this time, cause everyone is up for elimination! However, you will not be voting on that. Instead, you will be voting on a creature to join the competition! Here they are:

  • Xanthodromeous
  • Tenotopelta
  • Ankylonyx
  • Scutotherium

0 voters

Vote for who you Want to Join the game, with the most votes joining! Voting ends Thursday at 8:30 AM EST. For the elimination, it will be randomly selected.

Remember, this is who you Want To Join the game. Just saying this in case anyone that voted for blank
ends up joining. In the mean time.
Let me clarify further: This voting is who you want to join the competition, and not who you want to be eliminated. That will be randomly chosen. And that is done! This was on a website, and the one that is eliminated is…Gorgalosaurus! It played a great game, personally one of my favorites.

The voting is over! There were 9 votes:
Xanthodromeus got no votes
Tenotopelta got 1 vote
Scutotherium got 2 votes, which means Ankylonyx joins the game with 6 votes! I don’t want to hear any complaining about this. If you do, then all I have to say is this: You should have read the description.

Anyway, The next challenge was to grab the coin that was underwater without getting eaten by the Mosasaurus. The creature that got it was Ankylonyx!
So everyone else is up for elimination!

  • Allodonta
  • Bumpopteryx
  • Luminonyx
  • Paraklen
  • Koolatyrannus

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Vote for who you want to be eliminated! Voting ends Sunday at 8:30 AM EST.

I would appreciate if more people voted to make this more fun and not just the same below 10 votes. Not asking just hoping.

Can I still share one?


It’s too late to submit anymore creatures.

Basically a better indoraptor

Aw dang. Wish I submitted earlier

Less than 12 hours left to vote!

download (3)

  1. Too late to submit any creatures
  2. This isn’t even a unique, it’s a joke creature.

So apparently the votes wasn’t going to end tomorrow at 8:30 AM EST, so I closed it early.
Anyway, there were 7 votes.
Paraklen got 0 votes
Koolatyrannus, Allodonta, and Bumpopteryx each got 1 votes, so Luminonyx is eliminated with 4 votes.

The next challenge was to dodge meteors raining from the sky. The last creature standing wins, and that was…Koolatyrannus! So everyone else is up for elimination! However, that was randomly chosen by the sacred “Wheel of Elimination!”. And the creature that was chosen was…Allodonta! It was personally my favorite out of all of these, loved it’s name. Anyway, you will be voting on who rejoins the game!

  • Sacrosaurus Rex
  • Gryposaura
  • Compsocaulus
  • Compstegnathus
  • Amargaspikatosaur
  • Archlikonix
  • Quetzalboa
  • Doediterus
  • Chromaspinus
  • Gorgalosaurus
  • Luminonyx
  • Allodonta

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Vote for you want to Rejoin the game! The most voted will rejoin the competition! Voting ends Tuesday at 8:30 AM EST.

I like Amargaspikatosaur’s name


I’m told I could have Chromaspinus potentially join back after proving it guaranteed won against Titanorhino, only for my other submission to get eliminated by randomizer the same round I could’ve brought Chromaspinus back…

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I’m sorry. Maybe I did the battle wrong, or it was just the RNG that made it lose. I’m truly sorry. They are still my favorites of this competition. If I could choose any to bring back besides mine, I would choose Chroma or Allodonta because they look and sound so cool.

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