Custom Creature Suggestion Competition

Happy Cakeday (again) @HolyPoly1026!


The voting is over! I have taken down Kon, so I am back to hosting! There were 11 votes:

Nodopatolania and Koolapyros got 0 votes each, so they don’t join.
Keratocevia got 2 votes only, which isn’t enough.
Thyladactyltator got 3 votes, which doesn’t make it join, which means that Hephaetherium joins with 6 votes!

The next challenge was to complete a series of tests. The creatures with the highest scores wins, with the bottom 4 being up for elimination. The scores were:

Troodoboa: 96
Enteloarctos: 91
Hephaetherium: 87
Mantarmavis: 84
Dreadakos: 84
Quetzaconyx: 80
Daspletorex: 75

So Mantarmavis, Daspletorex, Dreadakos, and Quetzaconyx are up for elimination!

  • Mantarmavis
  • Dreadakos
  • Quetzaconyx
  • Daspletorex

0 voters

Vote for who you want to be eliminated, whoever gets the most votes will be eliminated! Voting ends Sunday at 8:30 AM EST.

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Mine isn’t there but I’m fine with that

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Oh snap, I forgot to look at yours! So sorry man.

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The voting is over! There were 10 votes;

Both Quetzaconyx and Mantarmavis got 5 votes each, so we need a tie breaker!

  • Quetzaconyx (Unique)
  • Mantarmavis (Apex)

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Vote for who you want to be eliminated. If this gets another tie, then I choose to be eliminated. Voting ends August 2nd at 8:30 AM EST.

Edit: Less than 1 day left to vote, and if it ties again, I choose whose creature is eliminated.

Edit 2: RIP Forums, turns out Jam City is too bankrupt to have this now.