Custom creatures for 2.18!

What kind of ideas does anyone have for this next update?!


Here is a creature I spent a lot of time thinking through, and testing it for balance. Procerathomimus FINALLY has a hybrid that is rumored to be THE 1v1 REXY COUNTER!!!



But that isn’t a hard counter… rexy can just go impact rampage roar and you’re dead if you don’t dodge…

True. However, in most cases, Procerinosaurus will win!!!

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It’s even got that 100% guaranteed dodge on escape just in case someone decides to swap in to something like Dracoceratops or Megistocurus, or any other famous swap-in creature.

Actually, now that I think about it, Procerinosaurus will still win because it’s HP will be low enough for its rampage to take priority over Rexy’s roar, since it has the faster base speed and Rexy’s roar effects won’t be active.

It would have to get a dodge on turn two however (if Rexy does that pattern).

If anybody has any creature ideas for 2.17, feel free to put them here!

Picture or no picture is fine, although I would recommend a picture.

They bring Jurassic world alive creatures into Jurassic world the game,so it should be vice versa


I agree with the bottom claim, but looking at that, it looks pretty OP for a Fierce + Resilient creature. Fierce + Resilient creatures should kill Cunning+Resilient creatures, but also should die to Cunning+Fierce creatures. I recommend Arena-Testing this Alangasaurus you have there. It looks really nice, however, I believe it needs balancing. Apart from that, it looks cool!

Fierce + Resilient creatures don’t tend to have distraction resistances, if any, maybe 25 or 33%. 5th also wouldn’t have any Damage Over Time resistance. Cunning + Fierce creatures tend to have DoT abilities. It’s normally the Cunning+Resilient creatures that have DoT resistances. Darwezoteryx is a Fierce+Resilient with the DoT resistance, only because it’s extremely weak and needs something to balance it off.

Thanks for the criticism,and if you didn’t know, Alangasaurus is from Jurassic world the game

I nerfed it and it looses to a skoonarasaurus

I figured as much.

Skoonasaurus is a rarity higher than your custom Alangasaurus. Skoona is also a terribly unbalanced Cunning + Resilient. Try putting it against Ankylodactylus or Eremoceros, it should win. Your Alangasaurus should also lose to Tarbognathus or Scorpios Rex. Once that’s fixed, you’re in good shape. :blush:

I just tested and it draws with Scorpius rex

Had to remove the counter for it to lose to tarbo

Try making the Resilient Rampage a Resilient Impact, that way, when something Camouflages (like Eremoceros), it strips it. It also gives it a second impact, and also won’t do a rampage every turn. The Armor Piercing Counter is an essential to Majungasaurus-like theropods. There’s nothing wrong with having the counter attack on it. It goes with the meta. Try making its damage 1200, that should give it a better chance at killing Cunning + Resilients.

I also know that in the battle simulation, certain creatures win depending on how you play them, you could be running into one of those.