Custom creatures for 2.18!


Oh My Lord

I was thinking about the size and length of Blue when making these atrociraptors. Surprisingly, I think Ghost would have the most HP of the four atrociraptors. She looks more bulky compared to the others.

I still don’t know if the leader is Ghost or Red.

I Will however buff Red’s HP a slight bit!

It changed from 2650 to 2900

Since I believe in the movie, Blue squares up against Red, I’m not sure who the winner is, so the only way Blue kills Red is with a crit (because I heard that Blue dies, I’m still not sure on that).

Here are my video references:

Just search “JW dominion blue vs. red”

I’m gonna test to see if posting the links here work

Alright, IT WORKS!

blue dosen’t die, and dosen’t face off iwth an atrociraptor

Alright, cool.

Here,Megaraptor and a Megaraptor Hybrid

For the Megaraptor Hybrid I think a good counter for it is Albertospinos which I tested out against it

I was supposed to call it Obstruction

It’s so that in all level 26 battle, you don’t have any oddball numbers.

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@Rat_the_Utarinex u can give ur thoughts on this creature

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Kinda Basic, but kinda OP

I made it OP because it is a Canon creature

And? ScorpG1 isn’t OP

I mean a Elite

Wdym “Elite” You mean the GP Tier?