Custom creatures for 2.18!

Increase speed to 117-119

It would make sense that it would be faster, but because of the 40% armor, it wouldn’t go much faster than say, the average stegosaur.

Like Mirigaia

I can do 117 though. Making it faster than a Sarcorixis.

Here you go! :grinning:


yes i have

Ok, i have another hybrid, idk if O.P. I just needed something to beat megalotops

Illegal HP, and shouldn’t really have DOT Resistance

What is ‘illegal HP’?

And it only has 30% DOT resistance which won’t affect it too much

30% is a confusing number when calculating how much dot you will take. 70% of 33.4 for lethal would would be 23.38 percent of your Hp. Maybe buff it up to 50%?

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Its when its not divisible by 150

I presume that’s for the sake of easy coding

No its not actually. Its for balancing

and tournament level

Here’s a Giganyx Counter i made

Borderline op

Because it is a giganyx counter

ITs op as a giganyx counter or not

The new giganyx isnt even that op