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Custom Creatures made by me

Some creatures that I made. Plz leave your feedback


They are great.


You can post these there too.

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Swap-in Definite Strike is definitely something I’m interested in seeing more of.

I like it, but why cloak?

They are all literally indom concept arts. So cloak.

I see, so more indom experiments and the two dinos are like rex and raptor

the malusaurus was the messed up indom from evolution or early concept arts and diabulous rex was the original indom plus indom wasn’t the only one in cannon with cloak, a raptor from the book could camo as well as carno from book 2

I have read the books. I can remember the carno, but i don’t remember any raptor going chamo

10 characters

it just changed colors and i think it might have been eaten by original 8

Malusaurus wasn’t a hybrid at all.
It was actually going to be fictional dinosaur INGEN scientists discover and they eventually clone it.

Well, I didn’t know that. But fictional dinosaurs still isn’t a thing in JWA, so it is gonna remain a hybrid till fictional dinos are released.

I tried to make a rixis killer. Is it good?

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All dinosaurs I made starting with letter ‘A’


I like it but nerf attack a bit otherwise it might be a problem

Made the changes. What about the other creatures?

All the creatures with names starting with ‘B’.

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name starting with ‘A’.

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