Custom Dinosaur - Tryorixis


I would increase HP to atleast 3750, and maybe nerf some of the resistances

3750 hp? sorry for not clarifying, these are the stats for a level 21 (base) and for resistances yes your right they should be nerfed but idk which ones, bc the tryostronix has so many reistances/immunities i wasnt sure which one to carry over…

Oh those are level 21! Those are quite op if I must say so myself! In that case HP is fine, but DMG should go down to maybe 1150, because Tenontorex starts off at around 1500, and pho close to 1300 I think

il prob nerf attack to 1200? and for resistances maybe remove immunity to crit reduction and speed reduction to 50%

If you want to, there’s a site called where you can make custom creatures for JWA.

oh okay, i just made this in google slides lol

Probably change ready crush to ferocious impact or something since it doesnt have good turn one options.

I will say always do stats for creatures at level 26. Makes it much easier to judge their stats. I’d reduce the speed a little, maybe 118, and armor to 20%. Remove Pin Immunity and Crit Reduction immunity. Also change Definite Rampage to Skirmish/Defense Shattering Rampage. Definite Rampage as of right now is pretty bad, so swap it out for either of those 2 rampages. I won’t say the other stats, they are estimates and need to be a single number, not a range.

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TenRex starts at 1.4k damage

PhoRex starts at 1.1k damage

Maybe u can increase the crit chance to 30%

On god I added a few boosts and forgot, its not the end of the world and you don’t need to just be annoying and point out everything wrong

I was only correcting u

Ok I was off by 100. Big deal