Custom hybrid Creatures Competition

This isn’t a Scutophicyon hybrid

10 chars

I made spinosaurus gen 3 and used that for spinotyrannus

He says only hybrids fused from Scutophicyon

He that’s the first creature

Please can you give me your opinion of Spinotyrannus

Be careful, @EpicThoradolosaur983 is the policeman in this thread, if you don’t make a scutophy hybrid, it’s going to be tough!


GOOD concept.

If u don’t change its components to scutophicyon it won’t be in the poll

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2nd Upload: Scutolophophicyon

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How about… this one?
Scutophicyon + the new unique spinotasuchus gen 2 that would have the dna of the new epic spinosaurus lux gen 2 + the new utahraptor gen 3 epic + the new epic kaprosuchus gen 2 = into a newer mega hybrid with a more newer unique normal colored fur + a newer mixed bioluminescent colored body = into a newer normal mixed bioluminescent colored body with the animations of the scorpius rex but with newer combined abilities and newer combined facts and it would have 35% of some very strong armor and defense please and thank you.

Holy hybrid ingredients

You good dude? Sorry if i say that

He says it has too much Hybrid Ingredients i think

Y’all like mine tho?

In my opinion, this newer mega hybrid dinosaur with a newer unique beautiful mixed colored bioluminescent fur body dinosaur mega hybrid would be perfect to fight against other raid dinosaurs.

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I do
10 chars

If u wanna make it search JWA toolbox on google

But i have a android phone, so can some you please help me and thank you.

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