Custom Hybrid I Designed

Both of these old dinosuars haven’t been updated in a while, and wouldnt hurt to try to add a new hybrid to the collection. Thus the reason I designed a custom hybrid called the Suchosuchos. It’s a hybrid between the Suchomimus and the Sarcosuchus, I made a visual aid for the design.
As you can see, the hybrid has the body of the and claws of the suchomimus, the tail and long crocodilian snoot of the sarcosuchus. Its attacks could be a mix between the two, theres a few possibilities, but the selection I made seemed the most reasonable. I would be amazed if this was seen by the developers, even considered in the actual game.

Fierce Strike

Lethal Wound: Cooldown 1

Impact: Cooldown 2

Don’t “Suchus” and “Sucho” mean crocodile in Latin? This thing’s name is essentially just “Crocodile Crocodile” in Latin, which sounds quite dumb…


I think Sarcomimus fits better as a name. The creature also needs 4 active abilities as all rare hybrids do. Maybe a moveset consisting of Fierce Strike, Lethal Wound, Immobilize, Intimidating Impact, and No Escape could work. Honestly this could make for a decent rare hybrid, which the game could definitely use as we haven’t gotten a new rare hybrid in so long.


Bipedal croc, I like it! Unique design and cool you chose both OG creatures. With a suitable moveset this could definitely make for a nice Rare. I see nothing wrong with ”Crocodile Crocodile”! :grin:

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I think it’s funny.

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It needs a fourth move since it’s a hybrid. Maybe gashing wound or exposed weak spot.

Made it using @HolyPoly1026’s moveset and name
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rexy4 can I post my custom creatures here please?

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