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Custom operations in Trade Harbor

Why in custom operations, when changing currencies for Cenozoic only Kelenken, Arctodus and Megatherium are offered? I would like to receive Giganthopis or Titanoboa for example

I never do custom trades for coins, so I’m not sure, but I never heard that you can get a tournament legendary in them.
I could be wrong.


He’s saying when doing Coins to Cenezoic he only gets those 3 creatures and he saying he wants more options.


Those are completely random. Just luck.

I understand what he is saying but his examples are legendary tournaments. That is what my answer was referring to.


More often then not you get a tournament Cenozoic if you have maxed coins.

I’m only getting Megatherium and Smilodon, so you’re getting more variety than I am.

I may be trading a lot of them for 2500-4000DNA by just holding them in my market.


Smilodon has a excellent hybrid. So I think not worth trading as much .

Oh, I already made the hybrid with the coin copies. It is ok.

The coin copies are still free following.

How many do I need? I’ve gotten at least 20 of them. I’ve hatched at least 12 of them.

My park smells like a gigantic litter box between Smilodon and Thylacosmilus. So many snows.


They would make excellent DNA then,I think I would rather trade them for food and do Food to Jurassic than trading them for DNA.

Sería absurdo cambiar uno de esos Dinos por monedas. Al contrario, busco gastar mis monedas pero quisiera obtener Giganthopis o Titanoboa a cambio

Google Translation

It would be absurd to exchange one of those Dinos for coins. On the contrary, I am looking to spend my coins but I would like to get Giganthopis or Titanoboa in exchange

You can never have too much cats

Don’t get me wrong, I hatch all of the ones I can.

But you can only hatch so many 7 day dinos when you get 1-3 a day!


No one really knows why Ludia seems to only offer certain creatures in those trades, when there are others of similar, and often lower, value that never seem to show up. Probably just because it’s easier to code a smaller number of options than a lot of them.

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