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Custom trade improvement

Hi Ludia,

here is my idea for custom trades

as this unlucky new battle stage and unlocktable system is there, there is my idea

when i click in custom trade on jurassic, cenozoic or aquatic, there can be choose which card i want exactly, to pick up

for expl.

i click i want trader give me a jurassic then i select any card i want and then as normaly i choose what i give away for that card

expl I click to cenozoic, then I pick up i want a whooly mmmoth card and then i choose i give away coins for that and trader give offer like: i get: whooly mammoth card for a 36 166 000 coins

in that trade should be included every card we can get now ramdomly (common, rare, super rare, legendary, tournaments, vips and also hybrid cards)