Custom trades question

I’ve seen somebody get a custom trade for food for a VIP. It was a VIP exclusive as well. Do you have to be a vip to get this kind of trade or can you without it. Also do you have to be VIP to get an exclusive if you can just get VIPs from the trade normally.

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I believe only VIPs can get VIPs in custom trades. I am not sure if non-VIPs get offered VIPs in normal trades, but I don’t think so.

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I know that with normal trades vips can only take these, they are usually 11k lp or 11k db for a creature.

Custom trades I am not sure whether dna to creature trades would offer non VIPs a vip creature, I have not seen this before on the forums.

If you have a lot of LP saved up I would give custom trades a go for a while, maybe lp to creature CT could yeild results for non vips it’s worth a shot.

Best bet for a vip is to save up bucks for the gold and diamond fidelity, I think the diamond fidelity is the only chance to get certain vips not offered in the 10k or 20k packs.