Custom Unique Creatures Contest

Also there will be three winners in this contest

That’s not really fair since everyone’s going to vote for their own.


That’s exactly what’s happening

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I said everyone can vote,so people that didn’t participate actually can vote

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You can’t submit one anymore

Ok sorry


The winners are:Albertomoloch and Armatitan,Allosinodrigues and Daspletomoloch Rex

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Am i to late?

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The votes go in alphabetical order, so that would mean that they’re all winners, and the theoretical winner is the most voted one. Most have the same amount of votes. But only one has more, so that one wins.

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Wahoo! My creature won

Why is The poll so complicated

It’s fine,there will be a future legendary contest

You’re late


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When should i start the legendary contest?

Now maybe would be nice