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Customer Support Appreciation Thread

Unfortunately, I have to go to these guys pretty often, and they always do their very best to make things right. They probably get a ton of flack from a frustrated community when they probably aren’t even that involved in the game development at all. They’re just left with picking up the mess. If any of you guys are reading this, keep doing what you’re doing. You do good at making things right, in a game where wrong things happen way more often than they should.


I agree. The support team has been amazing. They’ve made it right with the alliance rewards being wrong this time. On top of that, the whole VIP debacle. Though I believe I’ve been adequately compensated, others might not feel the same way. Let’s not forget that with any support/ customer service, that team still needs to get approval before giving out compensation and there are typically guidelines or orders of what to give out.

A big Thank You to the support team. You guys did an amazing job amidst a sea of chaos.


There was a time when I was doing the epic strike and the game malfunctioned. I did everything I could to get back in. It ultimately landed me with a loss. I didn’t want to miss out on the tower so I did the retry later in the day while waiting to hear back from support. I almost forgot about it, but several days after I got a nice message from support and they made the situation right. I never got the chance to thank them for that. :slightly_smiling_face:


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I’ve had to need their help a couple times and always received excellent service. :+1:


I’ve had different experiences. Sometimes they’re quick and efficient, other times they take a week to respond and reply something that indicates they haven’t read my initial ticket at all. After several such messages back and forth the ticket is transferred to a supervisor, whose sole role seems to be assuring people (starting with “I assure you”) their problem doesn’t exist.

I assure you that this never happened! :wink:

I have decent experience with support too. So far only contacted them twice and always (too) polite and helpful.

But besides support, there’s moderators, community managers, posters, and other colors of the Ludia logo present on the forums. All great guys too!
Shout out to @Ned, @J.C, @Keith, @John, @Thom, @Sara, @Marcus, @Jorge, @Jon, and who else did I forget?


Yes, exactly like that, you should apply for a supervisor at Ludia :rofl:

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They did that for me too…gave me the lost dna and some hard cash too…I was really happy with that…I started a thread about it too cuz they responded so quickly about it …A great Customer service experience… :slight_smile:

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Agree - can’t be a fun job but they have always seen me right; occasionally slow (but that does seem to have improved) and occasionally you have to speak s l o w l y until they “get it” but they have always got there in the end whenever I have contacted them. So - thank you!

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Thank you all! It means a lot! :heart:


I have always had a pleasant experience with their cs, and they have always seemed to go above and beyond to answer any question or concerns I may have. I cant imagine the time and energy that goes into this game and trying to keep everyone happy. I for one would not want the job lol.

I also think Ludia receives alot of unfair criticism and some they do deserve. But let’s keep this in mind, they must be doing something right or we wouldnt be here. Keep up the good work and I know I cant wait to see what the future brings in JWA.


I must say on the subject of getting the old rewards again the support team have been fab.
So thanks guys

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A Thank you from me as well.
I was one of the ones that lost their account to the whole “Connect with Facebook” mess, but the Support team was really helpful in recovering it.

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