Customizable Hybrid Movesets/Alternative Ability Options

The hybrids of Jurassic World Alive are easily their most iconic representatives, with much more interesting and likeable designs along with the fact that they’re much more suited to battling than regular creatures. However, many hybrids are lacking one way or another, and while I’m fine with how hybrids are at the moment, they could have more variety in their movesets that represent their hybrid ingredients. Because of this, I’ve come up with a feature that would make battles as a whole much more strategy-based and overall more interesting. Let me explain how it works, as well as an example using an ingame creature.

Every active move a hybrid has will have 2 purchasable alternatives, using coin of course, that can be swapped at any time. Counters, swap ins, and on escapes will not have alternatives, only the active abilities. How much these abilities cost depend on the creature’s rarity. Rare hybrid abilities cost 2500 coin, epics 5000, legendaries 10000, and uniques 25000. If apexes have access to this feature, 50000 for their abilities.

Here is an example of this feature using Purrolyth:


Current Ability: Defense Shattering Strike
Alt Ability 1: Vulnerability Strike (Unlock for 2500 coin)
Alt Ability 2: Taunting Shields Strike (Unlock for 2500 coin)

Current Ability: Ferocious Strike
Alt Ability 1: Killer Instinct (Unlock for 2500 coin)
Alt Ability 2: Group Ferocity (Unlock for 2500 coin)

Current Ability: Heal
Alt Ability 1: Lesser Emergency Heal (Unlock for 2500 coin)
Alt Ability 2: Immobilize (Unlock for 2500 Coin)

Current Ability: Short Defense
Alt Ability 1: Group Shield (Unlock for 2500 coin)
Alt Ability 2: Vulnerability Impact (Unlock for 2500 coin)

If every creature in the game had something like this, strategy would be limitless if done right. Say you want to use Purrolyth in a tournament, and you unlock all of its alternative moves to chose from.

Want a defensive counter stall build? Use Taunting Shields Strike, Group Ferocity/Ferocious Strike, Heal/Lesser Emergency Heal, and Group Shield. Want a revenge killer build? Use Defense Shattering Strike, Killer Instinct, Immobilize, and Short Defense. If anyone wants to see more examples using other hybrids, I can provide them in the replies.

While very complex and I’d understand if this isn’t a good idea, it would make for very interesting battle strategies so long as it can be balanced enough to where creatures can’t take advantage of broken moveset combos.


I like the idea and it would be cool but, it will have a way to be broken no matter what you do with it


Other wise I love the idea. Oh and also the alternative moves would have to be much more expensive than that


It probably will, but I tried making the example plausible by keeping move roles and effects relatively similar, like how Short Defense can either be swapped with a non-damaging version, or it can ditch the shield for extra damage. It might be more difficult to balance out higher rarities though.

I was a little hesitant myself on if the prices were too low. I’ve adjusted them accordingly.

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I like this concept, definitely would prevent some matchups from being the same old boring thing over and over


I like those prices


Just simply buff them. Alert and revenge moves with overly complicated functions have made battles a headache to strategize. And since everyone will not use the same options youre gonna have a mess of dinos that look similar and act differently that you have to find out how to deal with in 15 seconds. A big no thank you

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Oh wow! I love this idea so much!!! Imagine being able to decide if the hybrid should be closer in abilities to the first or second component or maybe it should be a mix of both.

While it sounds incredibly cool, I think balancing it out and implementing would be very difficult.


The only thing I see bad about this is giving Ludia the idea since we know that they won’t check to see if it’s op

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So you have coin, you have stronger ability?

They generally won’t be stronger as the alternate abilities would be relatively equal in power to the original ability. It’s just for if you want to create new playstyles for your creature to fit team niches.


Generally understand :ok_hand: and i guess i like it

This is a great idea. Like the fact that I can customise my creatures

Would the move changes be revealed if you click on said creature? Because if it doesn’t show moveset changes it could get really annoying on some creatures.

This sounds like a really interesting idea! But I was wondering if these alt. abilities would be applicable in skill tournaments, or is it just an arena/advantage thing?

Might be a little too complex for Ludia to add as well lol.


I love this! I have an idea for this though. You can purchase abilities in the shop for coins. However, you can trade a creature’s abilities with other abilities. You can only use an ability that fits the creature (Resilients can only use Pure Resilient, Cunning Resilient, and Fierce Resilient abilities, etc) and can only trade abilities with creatures with “similar” class. Wildcard takes abilities used by fellow wildcards.

For example, Purrolyth can’t trade abilities with Deinonychus, but can trade with Ankylosaurus and Gorgosaurus.

Maybe a new battle mode with preset abilities?

The moveset shown when selecting a creature would be the current moveset you have applied to that creature rather than the original one. That way players can more easily tell what they currently have applied as they can always change it later. They will also show up in battle when clicking on the foe’s creature so you can see what your opponents have applied and react accordingly.

They are applied in all formats, including friendly battles, campaign, and strike towers.

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With how complex and dragging current pvp is i dont think 15 seconds is enough to strategize around 1 thing that has 3 different outcomes and people with delays like bad wifi and lag have even less time to read and calculate/estimate/predict

Most alt moves will already be similar in role to their original move, and over time I’d imagine it would be quite easy to memorize creature’s movesets as people start making more popular builds. The whole point of it is to make battling strategy-based and not a simple rock-paper-scissors matchup game where RNG is more prevalent than strategy and skill.

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