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Cut Dinosaur Hybrid?

I was scrolling through the internet and I found this picture of a dinosaur hybrid… What is it? What could it represent? I think it’s a baryonyx and suchomimus… what do you think?

That’s an old design of Suchomimus.
Not hybrid, just Suchomimus itself.
(And yes, far more realistic than now)

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Are you sure? I got the picture from a website talking about the hybrids that just got added.

It was a while ago when they added hybrids to the game…

That pic was out quite a long time ago, probably even during the era of raptor maniac. If that would’ve been anything new it will not be by now anyway.

Started from 07:47, you can see him create this Suchomimus.
This old type Suchomimus looks far better than the extant in game model.
Don’t know why they changed it into a cheap plastic toy image.:joy:


Ok, nice to know… it looked very new to me seeing it in that image… Coolio!

Gosh, it looks far gorgeous in the old time.

I miss her old design, that looks amazing, now it looks really ugly and not so accurate

I might care if it was a Dino that I’d ever wanted to use in battle. Even one time.

I knew I’d seen that image before…