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Cut Down Hadros Lux # of Rounds

I’m not sure if anyone else brought this up, but I’d like to suggest cutting down Hadros Lux and any future Apex bosses back down to 2 rounds. 4 rounds is overkill. It takes a solid 15 or so minutes to beat a Hadros. If a team fails deep into the raid, they have to re-do it all over again. We don’t have so much time to waste on a slow counter-attacking boss. Additionally, the stronger members of the team often have to carry lower members of the team through the raid, meaning they repeat the raid multiple times a day. That easily is several hours - taking time away from other aspects of the game, like darting or pvp’ing or whatever the other raid is of the day. It is more of a chore than fun.

My alliance enjoys Mortem Rex as it poses a challenge but still can be beat in half the time as a Hadros Lux.

Longer =/= better. Please stop adding mundane rounds to raids.


THIS, also Thor can’t get rid of group taunting shields turn 1 anymore, which is what it relied on, so this would be awesome


Indeed. The changing of Thor (which could’ve been rectified with keeping Group Shattering Impact and instead giving it a Fierce Rampage with a delay…) also puts a hamper into our raid strategies, so this might even take longer to beat than before.

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Or just let thor keep group impact. Honestly they shouldn’t add more raids while also removing a viable strong raid dino. The delayed rampage can be a non group attack.

If they want variety, then they need to add more raid viable dinos. And not remove options while adding more activity.

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I agree with you. After the Thor’s huge raid nerf it’ll be hard to get rid of those minions especially that nerf mainly effects HLux raid.
So as you said it’s completely better to reduce the number of turns of the raid. What is Jwa thinking?
I only can find Mortem as the best replacement for Thor but, it’s not possible for everyone.
So this thing has to be looked into and I too hope the number of rounds are decresed!

Agreed. Having four rounds doesn’t make the raid harder, just longer.


Well ludia saw ppl beating Morty with commons and thought let’s make the next one super hard and now that this was beaten with a team where half the dinos were under level 14 now they will be super hardcore and make the next one a 16 round abomination where the minions are double max boosted nitro Thor with that new group shattering rampage and the boss has group acceleration so your touras are no good and to make it more agonizing the minute you make a strategy ludia will pop out an update and nerf everything you beat it with into the ground.

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Oh and your gonna get a grand total of 1 dna and that’s only if u beat it all 10 times

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Ludia … please consider the advice of backing it down to 2 rounds. 4 is way too many. Even gypros 3 rds are annoying but 4 on an apex just makes it completely not enjoyable. This game is fun to play win or lose except in a 4 round raid. Just because people can still win in 4 rds does not mean it was fun. Please make it fun win or lose like Mortem. Hadros needs to be knocked down to 2 rds.


Porcus might be able to sub for Thor and I’ve had mates use a Max after GSI

Porcus huh? Can you give me the stats/moves I don’t wanna spend gold leveling it if I can’t make it good enough for raids cuz I need that rhino for monolorhino.

I haven’t tested but basically.

If you use a Mortem Maxima (1742) and irritator, you need 1230 (the number that came up in my calculator is 1277.5208) to safely kill everything turn one. I’ve been looking for other strats but haven’t gotten anything yet. I didn’t account for the Gorgo nerf but I’m anticipating 7657.

Support. Raids had potential to be really fun, but after the first win, they’re nothing short of a chore, especially for those who have already completed them but want to help their fellow teammates.

We don’t need them to be longer unless the rewards reflect that extra mile.

Deliberately searched for this topic, glad I’m not the only 1 who feels this way. As the leader of my alliance I help carry a few of our lower players and the 4 rounds is such a time killer. I can also confirm mortem is far more fun for us

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I don’t have a patience or time to do that so I don’t raid.