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Cute Dino Poll Results and Xmas Theme

So there was a soft update yesterday and we dug into the data and discovered the results of the Cute Dino Poll and what to expect for the Christmas Theme :eyes:


Yay dracorex and carbo and maxima and nasuto and ardonto and blue and echo and scolo!

(stego and galli, you can go home)


I wanted to vote on this too, but was not able to. :disappointed_relieved:

Reading the results made me really happy. Nice job everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think this vote went well. Could always use more Dracorex for my Utarinex, and also Ardonto and Ardentis. Though I hope Ardentis doesn’t end up trash after rebalancing votes. Nasuto is good, I can finally get Carboceratops with it. Also Brachi and Sino in others, which is nice.

Thanks. I couldn’t vote because it kept saying I needed Facebook. However I’ve been able to vote on the other things.

These are some good dinos to look forward to. I’ll be going for the exclusives and stuff. Why para and toura? They aren’t even popular.

Yay!!! Looking forward to it.
Hopefully I can find Green stops around. The Green stops went missing since last week…:joy:

The note from origami is that those files haven’t changed since last year and might change between now and Christmas.

I can’t bring myself to believe people voted in touramoloch. I remember it was featured last year probably because it almost looks like a Xmas tree. But the rest of the Dino’s look great as events!

Tuoramoloch wasn’t one of the options on the vote. That was the cute dino poll we voted on. The xmas pool is a completely different set of dinosaurs and has its own theme.

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Dinos look good for Xmas, thank you for the details

I dont remember if I got to vote for this.
Possibly. It sound familiar.

Cute Dinos were a poll, but we didn’t have them for the Christmas dinos.

Yeah the cute dinos sound familiar. Bit it’s been so long I dont remember if I voted or not. :sweat_smile:

Well there were 2 different list. The cute one or whatever was first had some good stuff. The one with ardonto and Ardentismaxima.

Tuora is perfect as a Christmas Dino because it is a complete turkey. Worse than useless I’m afraid once you get into the Aviary.

I know some people who would disagree with you on that… Like @James_Hi and @Heather :rofl:

I only put 8 boosts on mine and had to remove it and the boosts as it was so vulnerable.

Like any Dino, if it’s massively boosted it may be useful, but with no armour, the fact that it can be distracted and slowed it’s more of a hinderance unless it’s loaded with boosts.

The immunity to stuns actually helped it move up a bit. It can now slow and get off a stunning rampage and then rampage and run and works beautifully with dinos like Orion.

The big problem I had with it was that in the lower library everyone has heavily boosted Thor, Utasino, Tryko and Dioraja and against these dinos it doesn’t fare well.
It snatched the odd win against Indo as it could slow it and then rampage but other than that, nothing.

Before I dropped Rinex, I actually struggled with it against Tuora. Because I couldn’t IC to gain back priority. I guess it depends on the team, but I still see a few that can be troublesome (of course they are boosted as well).