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[D&D] Vacation

Hello Adventurers,
I hope everyone is having a great time and is excited as I am for the update next week. I just wanted to let you all know that, I will be going on vacation until August 17th starting this evening. While I will be playing Warriors of Waterdeep, I will not be very active if at all on the forums. Please direct your comments to @Marcus as he will be looking after the Warriors of Waterdeep community.
Thank you,


Here at your service, Adventurers!


Have fun, fella! Hope you get enough time to refill your energies, cuz you will need it =)

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Have a wonderful time. Don’t forget to show those who serve in the vacation industry some respect and practice social distancing and mask wearing.

Stay safe!
Have a good time.

Have fun. Sounds like 2 things wrong with your plan. Playing this game while you’re on vacation and checking into forum, even if only a little bit. Go recharge and relax and don’t worry about work :grinning:

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