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D I N O T H U N D E R - 10/10 ARK1 alliance with 3x L20 sanctuaries recruiting!

Alliance: D I N O T H U N D E R

  • alliance missions: 10/10
  • sanctuaries: we are part of ARK1 team and cooperate on building of multiple L20 sanctuaries, two weeks ago we managed to level up two L20 sanctuaries in less than 8h!!
  • tournaments: we are hovering between 30-50 top alliances, currently on position 40
  • language: we are an international alliance with English as our common language
  • communication platform: DISCORD is a MUST!!
  • availability: 2 spots opened!!!
  • minimum player level: 17
  • seeking for: we are not a casual group, we look for hard-core players playing several hours a day!!

If you feel we could be the right group for you please apply via DISCORD



@moderators please do not merge this topic, just close the old ones - thank you!!

Can i join im lv11 plz i play everyday i went from 8 to 11 in a matter of days

Hi @Joshua_Kelley, unfortunately we accept 17+ players only, but you may try any other alliance from ARK Recruitment Board