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D2's game progress update V2

Since I’m not allowed to revive an already existing topic about this I am forced to make a new one and here it is.

Original topic can be found here, unfortunately they even removed my last update in this thread for no reason after it was locked for “necro posting”

Pretty happy with how things have gone on this account. I have played it a bit more than originally anticipated the last 2 months for a few reasons. Mainly making it a point to finish CoT for the very useful Gorgo and Segno unlocks which we did get. We also finished the Titanoboa tournament for the snake which is both really liked and useful.

The game plan has been basically boost coin production, work the trade harbor and try to build a team as quickly and efficiently that fits in the 4k ferocity range with room to grow.

Just about everything is in place for a ferocity jump, could probably use more of just about everything but it should be enough to get by. Most everything went according to plan other than we have not received very many carno’s from the 10k solid gold packs and we have not received any apatosaurus’s yet either. Was hoping to score a few of each of these to fill out the carno’s and herbs. So we are a little short on carno’s right now but that will be taken care of in the next couple weeks and we could use a few more herb meat shields but it is what it is. We have been getting lots of ptero’s from 10k packs so her ptero line will be pretty stacked after we fused a bunch to lvl 11+

was hoping to score some more DNA today in hopes of buying 1 more Ostapo and an I-rex on discount, gonna be close. Aftter this 6th ostapo we will focus on buying i rexes for a few weeks to fill out her carno’s. Not sure what to do yet with herbs, not sure if we want to keep investing in Ankylodocus or not to get a few lvl 30s, might start working towards making Segnosuchus instead and add a few of those.


I never thought I would hear these words lol


But definitely not short on pteradactylus by the looks of it :joy:

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Exactly, that’s why i haven’t put any effort into carno’s. I figured they would just take care of themselves :crazy_face:

@aether_12. There are 2 more you don’t see along with 4 Eudmorphodon’s


I didn’t post some of her lineup, she has more VIPs, those mentioned above, and 3 Presto’s and 3 Eolambia’s as well. 1 baryonyx but isn’t of much use until we get another to make an 11+

Scored some DNA, if i get a little more from the trade harbor we will have enough for another Ostapo and an I rex on discount today which is great.

Took advantage of the fusion discount yesterday and made the ferocity jump on d2’s game. Not too bad, she needs around 80 more mono sdna then we will make 2 monostegos. We have another I rex hatching will buy another soon for a second lvl 11+. Then just keep building decent dinosaurs from there. More I rexs, maybe work towards some segnosuchus, maybe some gorgosuchus. , time will tell.