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Daddy's Back! Whoot

Heck yeah, our favorite widower has finally come back! Who else was excited to see that?


Honestly, this annoys me to no end. They were only updated a few months ago, all while characters who haven’t been updated ONCE this year are being ignored. Ludia and the Lovelink team are figuratively pouring salt in the wound of those waiting for those other characters to return. :angry:

Nope I am waiting for Jasmin, Aesha, Felicia, Susan

I was really excited to see him come back. He’s one of the very few characters I actually care about in this game. So yeah, very happy camper here!

And guys, I get the frustration, but complaining on every single thread here, no matter the topic, won’t help. This way you just ruin other peeps happiness… which isn’t exactly a common occurence with this game. So please…give us a break. I’d really appreciate that.

All we want is balance in releases per week two guys and two ladies it’s only fair.

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Also I’m glad someone is happy but the way they treat the female characters like secondary options and obvious favoritism is frustrating.

If only they could manage the release of characters better than there would be no anger