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Daffy Steve

Anybody unlocked him yet? I’m nine hours from Daffy Jr. Being returned to me, and I’ve got a solid ten fuses once he’s back. I want to see pictures!

Who? Cevia? @Acerglyn

Yeah, it’s my nickname for Edaphocevia.

Ah, ok, 10

I take it you expected people to ask what you meant right? Or did you actually think people would know? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


i actually knew what he was talking about. only becasue i’ve seen him call them that before tho.

Unless I’m pronouncing Edaphosaurus wrong, I thought it could be inferred. :man_shrugging:

Ta-daaa! I had hoped the contrast between the underbelly and the blue-green would be more, like in the thumbnail, but it’s still pretty cool.

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I have him.

Cool, this may become one of my new favorite hybrids.

Also, from what I can tell from the stats, this thing could be a beast!