Dailies and weeklies - requirements and suggestions

Hello there,

I’ve to critisize the quite recent implemented dailies and weeklies:

  • [REQUIREMENT] send one legendary dragon daily - if you don’t own one you simply CANNOT finish the daily bonus

  • [REQUIREMENT] finish one Eret amber trade daily - since you simply don’t have a daily income of 1k amber you CANNOT finish dailies too for bonus pack

  • [REQUIREMENT] Ressource amount to collect - when meade hall was just upgraded, it’s pretty impossible to finish weeklies, with dailies you have problems too, but overall weeklies are pretty hard to do

  • [SUGGESTION] Selection options of missions to get bonus - since players are different and prefer different missions, they surely would love the opportunity tohave selection options which missions they want to finish to get daily and weekly bonus.

Thanks in advance.

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So something like give people 15 goals, but required them to only complete 10 of those goals? If so, I like that idea. It would allow a user to select the goals they can achieve from a big list. Nice thinking!


Exactly that! :wink: :slight_smile:

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I voiced my complaint about your #1 - Search with Legendary Dragon (see my post from a few days ago). I didn’t have one and lost my daily packs for 5 days! The rest of your list “are difficult, but at least attainable” in their eyes. I will save you and Rose the time and give you their general response…

“We do understand that some are more difficult for some players to complete. Our team is always getting feedback from our players to see what your experiences are with the Gobber’s Duties so thank you for reaching out to us about this!”

Basically at this point, nothing will be done. You can hope they fix this stupid design in a patch some point soon, but apparently their dev team doesn’t think like the normal people actually playing the game and do common sensible stuff.


I usually get 2-3 polished amber per day… but I have 5 legendary dragons. Maybe this shouldn’t be a goal unless you have 3+ legendary dragons?

I’m capable of completing all the goals (within a few minutes, in fact, aside from the ‘open two card packs’ duty), but I also have probably a dozen or more level 150 dragons and ~5G wood/fish collection per day. The complaints I see tend to be from players less far along. Not saying they shouldn’t do something about it, just that the balance is okay for my level and not so good for others.

I do have somewhat mixed feelings about the duties always being the same. On the one hand, it’s nice to know exactly what I need to do, and that I will be able to do it (and can plan ahead e.g. by starting to polish amber the night before), but it is less interesting than when the duties changed.

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I think it’s obvious the daily/weekly tasks were planned for long time players. I find them pretty easy to achieve, and every time they “soften” them a bit more, I laugh. But it’s because they are adjusting them to the ppl who doesn’t have a nice flock and didn’t join since the good ol’ days. Most of the posts lately are talking about this specific issue, from many different points of view, and I presume the developers might have found them quite unbelievable at first, same way I did, but the truth is it’s a pity that, now everyone is focusing in those duties so badly as if the progress of the game depends on them, since the rewards are not that amazing… But it’s true the amount of runes the daily Gobber’s pack gives is pretty sweet. I hope they fix it in order to let everyone enjoy the game again and we can remember this days with a smile in our faces :slight_smile:

You have a point about players being at different levels of development of their dragon flocks, and therefore at different levels of capability. But I still like the idea of something like giving a list of 15 goals, of which you only have to satisfy 10, and if you satisfy more than 10, then you are essentially earning extra credit. It’s a nice way to enable Junior players to accomplish enough goals to get the reward, and enable more senior players to also benefit from it. Everyone wins with that solution.


They’re better than the old rewards, which is good; they’re actually somewhat worthwhile now, especially as they’re probably the primary source of seasonal currency. OTOH, yeah, they really aren’t that worth getting worked up over if you can’t complete them. If there’s a weekly task that’s super-annoying, I just won’t bother.

+100. This is almost how Rider duties work.

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Dailies and weeklies should definitely depend on players level different factors (meade hall level, dragons gather capability, etc.) that their goal are set up due to that. I will add it on top. :wink:
That’s what I wrote to ingame support too.

EDIT: Ok … you cannot edit threads after a specific period of time. Should be a suggestion too lol!

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