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Dailies really difficult

Really hard to get daily rewards when the drops don’t give enough interact, feed or play units. This is the second night I’ve been short by like two.

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I’ve seen this mentioned and I don’t like it. I just hope they don’t go in the market.

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Just work out the time between when supply drops reset and daily missions reset. Then try not to spin supply drops between supply drops resetting and daily mission resetting, then you’ll be at the point where you’ll be ok going forward.

Of course some people will still struggle mainly on the interaction ones because you can only get 2 from free incubator every 6 hours and some people can’t open then on time due to work and stuff.

I wasn’t happy with it to start with either, but now I have enough each day so the missions are no harder than before. Pretty sure most people can make it easier on themselves by making sure they spin enough supply drops once the daily has reset and then don’t use more than you need.


Event drops can be problematic especially on weekends when there are only epic dinos. Usually it means low density of green drops. So if someone don’t have time or just can’t reach enough green drops, can miss few food and toys. Had hard time yesterday to get both food from green drops. Luckily rain ended in time that I could go out to spin some green drops.


I work eight to nine hour shifts five days a week. It’s just not possible on those days.

I work 8 hours a day 5 days a week too. Maybe the difference is I can use my mobile phone at work, maybe you can’t? I know that would cause some issues, particularly for the free incubator at least.

Absolutely not allowed to use my phone while working.

How fortunate you seem to be in this.

(Yes I’m very salty but not at you, at my situation)

I think that by partially suppressing the evacuation ability of the Indomunux leaves such an emblematic animal in bad shape, in addition to how difficult it is to acquire this legendary, I would like to see him again in his glory days.

I think you’ve responded to the wrong thread.

You’re right, sorry

If it’s the second night… And you saw you wouldn’t complete the night before… Shouldn’t you have saved them for the next one?


(BTW, interact comes in daily incs, not supply drops)

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I’ve since gotten a lot better about this and wanted to say yeah it really all boils down to just saving things. I hadn’t been doing it properly before.

Don’t forget that the requirement is only 3 these days. That’s way easier than 6. You don’t need to save up for the next day at all anymore.

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I thought what OP mean, it’s only 3 each now. Then I noticed the date.:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin: