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Daily active player seeking my first alliance membership

Hi all
I’ve grown very interested in joining my first alliance, and would love the opportunity to.
I’m currently level 13 and my current team is:
Indominus Rex, Stegodeus, Procerathomimus, Postimetrodon, Sarcorixis, Tarbosaurus, Edmontoguanodon and Ouranosaurus.
I’d love to be part of a team and be active in achieving alliance missions and helping each others creatures get better and stronger. I’ll always put my part in but I’m looking for like minded people, as I look to enjoy the game experience and not be super serious and intense with constant playing. So if you’re an alliance that is about gaining strength, team working to get our creatures more powerful and completing missions while having chilled enjoyment of the games experiences then I’d love to join your alliance, so please give me a shout.
I’m based in the UK.

I can open up a spot for you in JWA MISSOURI. You would be a great fit for us and I believe we would be a great fit for you. Check us out if you are still looking.

Thank you for replying so quickly, I’d love to join, my username on jwa is AbigailLovedon.

Great I’ll add you. I need your 4 digit number that is next to your name. Or if you prefer you can search our alliance name JWA MISSOURI I’ll check back here for your code or look on our alliance for your request


Thank you. My code is #0947 and AbigailLovedon is my player name.

Invite sent, see ya soon