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Daily Alanqa inequality reward number


Since this alanqa reward started 2x days ago, ive seen player post in forum got reward 40x alanqa. I got 50, so i assume because im player Rank 20 so thats why got 50, and i didnt ask.

But now today, me and my alliance friend, BOTH rank 20, BOTH complete ALL the mission daily so far since this thing started introduced. So why he was offered 60x alanqa on his third day and im still 50x?
…can you enlighten us on the criteria for increment please ludia? because all this reward thing happen in sudden, no announcement to us, and we have to puzzle the criteria ourselves.

Definitely “to complete all the daily mission” is not the answer. Because i already did that without fail and still be offered 50 & not 60.

Thank you


Hey neodejavu, the Daily Bonus Reward can increase with the number of Missions and the Difficulty. However, if you think that there is an issue with your rewards, please feel free to contact our support team here at with your support key so they can take a closer look into your account.

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Im level 20 and my reward is only 30. I figured it was just random bad luck

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thanks for info @Ned
By the way, can we know what is the possible maximum cap if we keep continue? 100 alanqa? 200?
If by right we are not suppose to be informed on this or it is planned for players to explore, then its ok.

Thanks again for reply

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The more you complete the bigger it gets. Simple.

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Yea, already know the answer, it will increase. so obvious. The reason i put it because mod didnt answer my questions prior. What is the cap maximum it will cont increase? 1000? 100? Is there possibility change of epic DNA after reach certain stage etc? No answer from Ludia, not intrested to inform players, so i assume they want us to explore ourselves. …so i think we just cont updating status here for everybody’s info then, forever.


@neodejavu I personally like the “exploring” on a game, if you wnat see this thread of mine so we both can explore and make experiments to try to understand the algoritm behind this :wink:

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Aaaaa, ok… thanks sis. will continue our update in that post then. didnt realize ianother topic exist. thanks again

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I’d like to know if it is going to change also. If it’s always going to be Alanqa then maybe Alankylosaurus is a possible team member but if it is going to change then it’s not worth leveling it only to run out of ingredients.

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Oh no please, that wasn’t my goal. We MUST flood the forum with usefull threads like yours so that we can bury all the whining ones :wink: :hugs:

@Aaron_Norris I am doing experiments so that we can be awared of the path if and when Alanqa will be replaced, croosing fingers for T-rex!!


My problem is that ankylosaurus Gen 2 is all of a sudden difficult to find. I can’t even get DNA from my team per request. I hope that the ankylosaurus Gen 2 is available for an event soon. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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I am getting 70 but when I don’t complete it, it seems to drop to 60 instead.

Whatever it is, the dna is not attractive enough for me. The flyers are honestly too weak in this current meta.