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Daily and Alliance Mission Reward Rotation


Please program the Daily mission reward to be a different dino each day of the week rather than the same one every day. You have enough different dino’s to do this.

Also program up a weekly mission dino rotation as getting the same dino’s for weeks on end is really an imbalance to player teams in the lower arenas. Don’t you want players using all your dino’s and not just the 6 from alliance missions? I would like to battle something other than Alliance mission rewards in Arena 3. It’s a breath of fresh air when after I loose twice I can battle a BOT that is something different from alliance mission rewards.

Add… How about each rank add a different epic, rare and common from the rank before so if we get to rank 5, we earn 5 different epics, rares and common dinos.

These sources of DNA should not be the “main course” of DNA but a help to what you get out hunting.


No thank you. I am working on making Erlidominus. I am SO happy the epic chicken is available to farm each day.